Documents [police]

Sex Workers Project
PDF - 389K
A letter from the Sex Workers Project to Police Chief James Tolbert of the City of Flint, MI, about the department's policy of posting the names and photographs of people arrested for prostitution to the department's Facebook wall.
Sex Workers Project
PDF - 245K
A downloadable guide to your rights, with advice on dealing with the police.
Sex Workers Project
PDF - 1.36MB
An analysis of the use of law enforcement raids to fight trafficking in persons.
Sex Workers Project
PDF - 227K
This report features information from "Revolving Door" and "Behind Closed Doors" regarding violence against sex workers and police response.
Sex Workers Project
PDF - 32K
A fact sheet documenting aggressive policing of street-based sex workers in Manhattan and recommending alternatives.
Juhu Thukral and Alexandra Murphy
PDF - 1.59MB
This article, published in Research for Sex Work 8, is based on data from "Behind Closed Doors".
Sex Workers Project
PDF - 1.30MB
An analysis of street-based prostitution in New York City.