Sex Work and Human Rights Media Toolkit

About the Toolkit

During 2004-2006, the Sex Workers Project (SWP) at the Urban Justice Center convened annual strategic meetings of more than 60 advocates from local, domestic, and international organizations, all of them interested in finding ways to link the debate on sex work and trafficking to a struggle for human rights. These meetings were unique in that participants concentrate on sex work, trafficking, HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ rights, migrants and labor rights, and reproductive rights and health.

As a result of these annual meetings, the SWP is coordinating a Working Group on Sex Work and Human Rights, to foster shared opportunities for media and policy advocacy among participants. In order to facilitate this, we have developed a Media Toolkit on Sex Work and Human Rights. This Toolkit is a key resource for advocates and journalists, to increase public awareness of the complex and often emotional issues relating to sex work, human rights, and trafficking in persons.


A selection of resources aimed at activists working to promote human rights-based approaches to sex work and trafficking.
A selection of resources for journalists writing about sex work and trafficking.