SWP is uniquely positioned to understand how policy change can benefit or harm sex workers and trafficked people. In addition to our experience working with hundreds of sex workers and trafficking clients, we draw on the results of our human rights documentation projects. SWP supports organizing efforts by sex workers for political and social change, and engages in policy advocacy at the local, state, federal and international levels. We aim to provide decision-makers with critical information and practical recommendations for addressing issues relating to trafficking in persons and sex work.

Current Campaigns

This bill will stop police and prosecutors from using possession of condoms as evidence that people are engaging or intending to engage in prostitution. SWP supports this bill.
Sex workers and advocates are calling on the US to change its policy with respect to sex work and HIV. SWP supports this call.
In its Universal Periodic Review, the UN Human Rights Council made more than 200 recommendations to the United States. Recommendation 86 called on the Obama Administration to ...ensure access to public services paying attention to the special vulnerability of sexual workers to violence and human rights abuses. SWP supports this recommendation.

Past Campaigns

A bill to vacate prostitution convictions for trafficked persons. This bill was signed into law in June 2010. SWP supported this bill.
The Rhode Island Senate proposed a bill that defined prostitution to explicitly include indoor prostitution and made it illegal. SWP opposed this bill.