Publications by Partnering Organizations [2005]

Juhu Thukral and Alexandra Murphy
PDF - 1.59MB
This article, published in Research for Sex Work 8, is based on data from "Behind Closed Doors".
Freedom Network
PDF - 1.50MB
A tool for state legislators and advocates who are interested in developing state anti-trafficking laws that ensure the protection of the rights of trafficked persons.
Partnering Organizations and SWP
PDF - 42K
Submitted by a group of NGO
Partnering Organizations and SWP
PDF - 106K
Dissection of the 2005 Bill with comments and criticism from a group of NGO's who work on issues related to trafficking in persons.
Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States
PDF - 392K
This report includes articles by SWP staff on funding restrictions that affect sex workers, and on indoor sex workers.
NYC Anti-Trafficking Network
PDF - 207K
A manual to provide guidance to lawyers on issues that arise in the context of representing trafficking victims.