Documents [laws]

Sex Workers Project
PDF - 368K
A letter from the Sex Workers Project to Senator Gayle Goldin concerning proposed amendments to Rhode Island's Human Trafficking Law.
Sex Workers project
PDF - 188K
SWP statement to the Maryland senate hearing on a proposed law to vacate prostitution convictions for trafficked persons.
Andrea Ritchie
Article written for RH Reality Check on Rhode Island's proposed bill to criminalize indoor prostitution.
Penelope Saunders
PDF - 760K
Letter from Penelope Saunders to the Rhode Island Senate Judiciary committee, supporting the Memorandum in Opposition to HB5044 submitted by the Sex Workers Project.
Sex Workers Project
PDF - 452K
SWP statement to the Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Committee on the proposed bill S.B. 0584 to define and criminalize prostitution in Rhode Island.
Ann Jordan
PDF - 3.51MB
Letter from Ann Jordan to the Rhode Island Senate Judiciary committee, opposing HB5044A on the criminalization of prostitution.
Freedom Network
PDF - 1.50MB
A tool for state legislators and advocates who are interested in developing state anti-trafficking laws that ensure the protection of the rights of trafficked persons.