Values Statement on Sex Work and Human Rights


A values statement for the Working Group is available for download as a PDF document.

Sex Workers Project
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Sex workers are human beings with the same human rights that are accorded to all people. Members of this working group on sex work and human rights believe that it is critical to establish rights-based policies for people involved in sex work and for those who have been trafficked. A rights-based approach is essential to ensure full access to appropriate health, legal, and life-skills information, and to programs and policies that meet the needs of sex workers. This approach includes advocating programs to promote public health, combat violence and empower sex workers as well as to protect free speech among sex workers, advocates and service providers. These elements are key to any effort to respect the human rights and health needs of sex workers; to properly assist those who want to leave sex work for other work; and to protect the rights and safety of those who continue in sex work. In this effort, it is critical to include the perspectives and active participation of sex workers.