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About the toolkit

Sex workers have lived on the margins of society through most of human history. Stereotypes, derogatory names, stigma and general indifference to their humanity prevail worldwide. While the exchange of sex for money is a common practice around the world, sex workers are often treated as less than human, both in cultural attitudes and public policy.

While the human rights of sex workers are routinely abused in countries around the globe, this information kit focuses on three areas:

  • "Demand" for sex work;
  • Confusing sex work and trafficking as being the same; and
  • The U.S. administration's anti-prostitution pledge.

The materials in this kit seek to replace those attitudes with realism, compassion and sensible policy alternatives. We will try to counter the prejudice, stereotypes and general misinformation that stand in place of accuracy about the circumstances of sex work and the people engaged in it. The rights to life, safety, free speech, political action and access to information and to basic health and education services are as important to sex workers as to anyone else. No one should lose these human rights because of the work they do.


A press kit for activists provided by the Working Group on Sex Work and Human Rights.
Briefing papers on key issues in sex work and human rights.