One important aspect of the Sex Workers Project mission is advocating for sex workers' rights. Learning about the lives and needs of sex workers directly from sex workers is integral to our mission, in order to tailor our work to their needs. We meet sex workers through outreach on the street and in other venues. We invite you to listen and follow along via transcripts of street-based sex worker interviews conducted in 2007. You will hear from some of the people who have directly informed our work, as they talk about the issues that affect their lives, including violence, the police, employment opportunities and heath issues.

15 September 2007

Jimena is a 24-year-old transwoman who works on the street.

19 August 2007

Tiffany is a 19-year-old transwoman who has worked on the street and as an escort.

5 August 2007

Selena, who is 23, recounts her experience with the criminal justice system.

5 August 2007

Marisol is a 28 year old Latina who has been in sex work for nearly ten years.

7 July 2007

Nicole is a 24 year old transwoman who emphasizes staying in school.

7 June 2007

Misty has been in sex work since she was 13, and testifies to a lack of community and financial stability as reasons for her entrance into sex work.