New York State Assembly Bill A7670/S4429


New York State Bill A7670/S4429, to vacate prostitution convictions resulting from coerced involvement in sex work, was signed into law by Governor Patterson on 15 August 2010.

The 'Vacating Convictions' Bill allows survivors of trafficking to remove past convictions of prostitution from their records. Prostitution convictions make it difficult for people who have been trafficked to reintegrate into society, as they often find that they have fewer options for legal employment, obstacles to obtaining safe housing, and difficulties getting immigration status. The Bill would only apply to victims of trafficking, and will provide them with a real chance at a safe and stable life.

Follow this link to read the text of State Senate Bill S04489.

What you can do

Promote a 'Vacating Convictions for Trafficked Persons' bill in your state

As of January 2011, there are pending bills to vacate convictions for trafficked persons in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Illinois, Virginia, and Maryland! Talk to your elected officials about introducing a bill in your state!

Read SWP's testimony about Maryland's pending bill.

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Currently, SWP is bringing motions under the new law on behalf of survivors of trafficking – this work desperately needs financial support! Please donate here.

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