Documents [sex workers]

Sex Workers Project, Action Canada and others
PDF - 37K
Joint written statement submitted to the UN Human Rights Council, calling for an end to violence against sex workers in the United States of America.
Sex Workers Project
PDF - 372K
Expert letter to the UN Universal Periodic Review concerning sex workers' rights.
Open Society Institute
PDF - 1.12MB
Sex Workers Project
PDF - 324K
A report to the committee on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.
Sex Workers Project
PDF - 271K
SWP comments to the Special Rapporteur on the notion of demand, conflation of sex work and trafficking and findings from Behind Closed Doors that highlight the experiences of migrant sex workers.
Juhu Thukral
PDF - 1024K
This article, published in Research for Sex Work 9, is based on data from "Behind Closed Doors."
Sex Workers Project
PDF - 227K
This report features information from "Revolving Door" and "Behind Closed Doors" regarding violence against sex workers and police response.
Sex Workers Project
PDF - 32K
A fact sheet documenting aggressive policing of street-based sex workers in Manhattan and recommending alternatives.
Sex Workers Project
PDF - 36K
A fact sheet on issues that sex workers should consider in paying their taxes.
Juhu Thukral and Alexandra Murphy
PDF - 1.59MB
This article, published in Research for Sex Work 8, is based on data from "Behind Closed Doors".
Sex Workers Project
PDF - 403K
A memo on international human rights law as it applies to the rights of sex workers.
Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States
PDF - 392K
This report includes articles by SWP staff on funding restrictions that affect sex workers, and on indoor sex workers.
Sex Workers Project
PDF - 208K
A fact sheet about the implications of the Federal Travel Act (1961) for sex workers.
Melissa Ditmore and Catherine Poulcallec-Gordon
PDF - 56K
This article, published in Research for Sex Work 6, is based on data from "Revolving Door".