The Sex Workers Project and its partners oppose television programming that exploits those in the sex trade, including possible trafficking victims, and misleads the public on the issue of human trafficking. Programs like these harm the individuals portrayed and hinder long-term anti-trafficking and human rights goals.

In 2013, SWP reached out to MSNBC about a problematic program, Slave Hunter, which was subsequently pulled from the air. We are now writing to MSNBC to request that production of the similarly problematic Sex Slaves in America cease, and the episodes be removed from MSNBC and all other outlets.

What you can do

Read our letter to MSNBC

Read the letter we sent to MSNBC about Sex Slaves in America, explaining our reasons for opposing the program.

Read the letter [PDF, 47K]

Sign on to our letter

To sign onto our letter or receive updates on this campaign, please email Kate D’Adamo at kdadamo at urbanjustice dot org.

Read our letter about 'Slave Hunter'

Read the letter that we sent to MSNBC in 2013, about the Slave Hunter program. In response to public pressure from concerned viewers and organizations such as SWP, MSNBC subsequently pulled Slave Hunter from the air.

Read the letter [PDF, 446K]

Read our letter about '8 Minutes'

Read the letter that we sent to Tom Forman of A&E, about the 8 Minutes program.

Read the letter [PDF, 212K]