Fundraising Campaign for Client “Rosario”


This Summer, our Senior Staff Attorney Lynly Egyes spent her vacation volunteering in Artesia, New Mexico, where hundreds of young mothers and their children are being detained for crossing the US border. She has testified as to the abysmal conditions she witnessed there, including lack of due process, rampant illness and lack of medical care for detainees. She represented several families before immigration judges and officers, improving their chances of getting asylum or other status.

While in Artesia, Lynly met Rosario (not her real name), a young lesbian mother from South America. As a young child, Rosario suffered human trafficking by a caregiver. Rosario escaped her trafficker only to experience extreme persecution due to her sexual orientation. Rosario recently left her home country with her infant daughter, seeking safety and refuge in the United States. She was stopped at the border and has been held at Artesia for over two months. We were so compelled by this case that we decided SWP should continue to represent her and try to secure her freedom.

In two weeks, Lynly will fly back to Artesia to represent Rosario in her asylum hearing. We are hopeful that Rosario’s asylum case will be successful and are trying to raise $3,000 in the next 12 days. This family came to the US with no resources. We are raising money for her and her daughter’s basic necessities and their plane tickets to a city where she has community and can be safe upon her release.

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