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Every day at the Sex Workers Project, we are witness to how the economic crisis deeply affects the most vulnerable people across New York City. With your help, we can make sure that despite historic levels of need, the Sex Workers Project continues to provide clients with necessary services, while working towards real change for the communities we work in and with.

This year, we provided assistance to over 100 men, women, and children.

  • “Jessica,” a victim of trafficking, was reunited with her children after being separated for over three years! Her trafficker held onto her children in order to keep Jessica working and sending money to him. This will be her daughter’s first Christmas with her mother.
  • “Anya” was turned away from multiple agencies when she sought help as a victim of trafficking. Her traumatic experience made it difficult to explain her story clearly but after many years of therapy with the Sex Workers Project, Anya was able to report the crime and gain immigration status.
  • “Esther,” a grandmother from Tennessee, was unable to get a job because of an old prostitution record. SWP obtained a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities for her, allowing her to freely pursue employment and support her grandchildren.
  • “Sarah” was chased out of her neighborhood by hate mail and violence when the media named her as a sex worker. With help from SWP social workers and attorneys, she has safely relocated, and now participates in public speaking about the rights of sex workers.
  • “Maria” was forced into prostitution by her husband and arrested many times. Using new legislation that SWP authored, SWP cleared her criminal record, enabling her to get a job in the field of her choice.

SWP’s commitment to providing free, respectful, holistic direct services which center the experiences of our clients is stronger than ever. Our goal this year is to make our two part time attorneys full time staff. SWP currently has a waitlist of over 30 clients in critical need! Your donation will directly ensure they are able to make the next steps in their lives with support, dignity and respect. We ask you to stand by the Sex Workers Project and help us raise $30,000.

We deeply appreciate your ongoing support and we know we cannot do this without you! To make a donation online, click here.

All donations are fully tax-deductible. If your employer offers a matching gift program, your donation can be doubled or even tripled! Thank you again for your generosity.


Crystal DeBoise, Sienna Baskin, Andriana Ongoiba, Lynly Egyes, Melissa Broudo, and Aden Munassar
The Sex Workers Project Staff